Lurex® and silk

The combination of silk and Lurex® is the very basis of our brand's DNA, having been adopted in the 1950s by the haute couture houses. The silks we use today come exclusively from the silk regions of Lyon in France and Lake Como in Italy. These weavers are still closely linked with the great French and Italian luxury houses in order to preserve traditional know-how.

Lurex® and Cupro

Cupro is a recycled fibre made from the regenerated cellulose of cotton plant stems. It is processed in Ardèche, France on the old silk route between the Gard and Lyon regions. It gives a yarn called Bouclargent which combines the softness of Cupro with the shine of Lurex® yarn. This yarn is then knitted for our knitted items or hand crocheted for our Lurex® bags.

Lurex® and Viscose

Viscose is made from regenerated cellulose from tree pulp. The viscose we use is FSC®, which means that it comes from sustainably managed forests. It is 90% of European origin (Germany and Bulgaria). We process it with our Lurex® yarns in Ardèche and Flanders. The yarns obtained are then woven or knitted for our ready-to-wear articles, leather goods and our jewellery.

Lurex® and Bamboo

The bamboo yarns we use are made from regenerated cellulose from bamboo stalks. They also have an FSC® label with a reasoned and sustainable management of bamboo forests. The bamboo yarns are mixed with Lurex® yarns whose silver and gold colours are previously twisted with recycled polyester. This recent development is part of Lurex®'s policy of combining its yarns with new, more eco-responsible fibres.

Lurex® and Wool

The combination of wool and Lurex® yarns has always been made with the aim of providing customers with the greatest possible softness. To achieve this, we have developed very fine Lurex® yarns which are combined with the wool either directly during knitting or weaving or by assembling them beforehand at our spinning mills located in the Biella region in Italy. This requirement is reflected in the combination of Lurex® with the most exclusive wools such as Merino or Mohair (European production).

Lurex® and Cashmere

The combination of Lurex® and cashmere is based on the absolute requirement to develop the softest and most pleasant skin-feel. The Italian spinners we work with succeed in blending cashmere with the finest yarns in the Lurex® range. The traditional know-how of the weavers in the Kashmir region of India also allows us to blend our Lurex® yarns directly with the finest cashmere yarns during weaving.

Lurex® and Polyester

The association of Lurex® with polyester was demanding to obtain the most fluid and eco-responsible fabrics possible. This has been achieved through a range assembled in the Ardèche called Lurex® Glaze combining bright colours, lightness and flexibility. In recent years Lurex® has also developed new combinations with post-consumer recycled GRS polyesters (i.e. from post-consumer materials such as plastic bottles).

Lurex® and Nylon

Lurex® has a very long history with nylon, dating back to the 1950s, giving lustre to tops and tights. Today, this association has been widely extended to lingerie and sportswear thanks to the technicality of our Lurex® yarns, which are increasingly finer and softer. Our iconic Tube top is a perfect example.

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